Monday, 10 June 2013

Half Man, Half Biscuit

Sad times here at HQ, after a couple of weeks of indulging in an excitable if a little half hearted exercise regime I weighed myself this morning. What I discovered was that instead of loosing all the weight put on by cooked breakfasts and all those biscuits eaten during coffee mornings, I have actually put on weight. Damn.

I won't divulge what my new weight is but I am already intending to go for a run as soon as The Chancellor is home from work. Have I turned into a half man half biscuit combination? Maybe it should be half man half bacon sandwich. The Chancellor is wonderfully diplomatic about the whole thing while she stares at my belly as I struggle to get into all my trousers. "You'll be fine after a couple of runs." or "What did you expect would happen?"

In truth the wee man eats better than we do and especially me. I have gotten into a bad state of affairs with boredom eating, a sandwich here, bag of crisps there. You could make that a few sandwiches here, a giant block of cheese there. Either way it all leads to the same place, and that's me standing on the scales wondering what happened. I am still slim on my legs and arms but mt stomach bears the brunt of my eating. Exercise, exercise, exercise. It is now mandatory here at HQ. I hope other stay at home parents have had the same experiences, though I'm not saying I hope you're know what I mean...

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