Saturday, 8 June 2013

Daylight Robbery, Wee Man Style

The wee man was on good form today and why shouldn't he be when the weather is as good as it has been.This morning The Chancellor took him to visit his little friends while I painted. Luckily for her there were no half eaten sausage rolls on view to tempt him.

On her return we went to meet up with some of our friends in the local park. The wee man took it upon himself to eat nearly a whole punnet of strawberries that our friends had kindly brought with them and at least three blueberry muffins. He then ran around chatting to other picnickers, while trying to steal food and scurried away, in our friend's pushchair, a toy stolen form another child. All this done with a big smile. Neither The Chancellor nor I had actually seen him steal this toy so his cat burglary skills are obviously very impressive. I'm sure if I put him out on the street he could pocket me a considerable amount of money, Oliver style.

After a day in the sun The Chancellor now looks like a prized lobster and is feeling very sorry for herself. Poor genes. The wee man and myself however are bronzed Gods. Excellent genes. Over the years when the Chancellor and I have traveled we've had to go with tube upon tube of after sun and sun cream. Before any activities can be enjoyed factor 50 has to be applied liberally which always takes a considerable amount time. Many a holiday I have waited patiently as she prepares her translucent skin for the sun and even then she burns. Poor old Chancellor.



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