Sunday, 2 June 2013

Operation Move House In A Month

Things that have been done today-

  • Cracks in the walls filled in.
  • One room painted.
  • Garden done after seven hours digging.

Operation 'Move House In a Month' is well under way. Luckily we have had help from various family members but The Chancellor and I are feeling much better about the state of the house though there is a long way to go yet. The wee man has been helping too in his own special way, mainly with brushing things up and trying to escape out the back gate. He managed this as you would imagine he would and he ran off down the back alley. Fortunately The Chancellor managed to stop him but he had made it half way down the alley. 

Once she had successfully caught him he tried again and again and after his mum said "No!" he fell to the floor and had a meltdown, again as you would imagine. I came home from a trip to Homebase to find him giving The Chancellor a pretty hard time, poor old Chancellor.

But stage one is done and and that's something off the immense jobs list to do. Tonight I'm allowed a drink or a few drinks or a big bottle of something. Last night I went to a wedding and couldn't drink as I was driving so I need to make up for that.



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