Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Calm Before The Storm

The bags are partially packed, the car isn't sorted, the house is a mess and we're not mentally prepared. That pretty sums up every trip away we as a family have taken and it's how the world looks for right now. As ever I'm expecting the obligatory argument with The Chancellor about how she bimbles about or takes forever to do everything and we'll eventually pack ourselves like sardines into the car and head off.

Tomorrow we go on holiday and already we are so tired by thought of it that we would happily sleep for a thousand years...oh wait that's just because we're parents. But it works for the holiday thing too. To remind you Newcastle to Devon. Don't despair dear reader as I've been promised Wi-Fi so there will be no lull in the blogging. I could see you getting worried there.

I envy the wee man as he has no idea what's about to happen and can just sit and watch Mr Tumble on his brand spanking new travel DVD player. I however will be labouring through the wastelands of the midlands and I will probably get stuck on/in/around Spaghetti Junction. That is unless I win Euro Millions tonight and I can send someone down who looks a bit like me in my place. £122 million could buy me someone who nearly looks like me or buy me a helicopter.

So wish us bon voyage on leg one of our trip and I will see you all somewhere down south, that's if The Chancellor haven't killed each other first.


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