Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Death Of A Small Forrest

How many sheets of computer print outs (from the AA route finder) does it take to plan a trip? Well to be honest more than you would imagine, probably equates to a small tree, a Crab Apple perhaps or an Ornamental Maple. Either way far too many sheets of paper. Another question for you, how many laptops does it take to print said directions? Well 2 today, don't ask why or I'll be here all day and I'm trying to cook dinner and stop the wee man from climbing the stairs at the same time as writing this.

So no travelling was done today as we decided to stay in Leeds and do leg two of the trip tomorrow. And it's the big one tomorrow, Leeds to Bristol. So I needed some rest today and we pottered around seeing friends and visiting places I used to hang around when I was a kid. The local park for instance was a great hangout for me as a teenager though it's probably best not to tell the wee man this is where I used to smoke and do other things far too dreadful to speak of again. He might never look at me the same way. So instead I told him about my primary school, which we visited, and told him of a time when life was simpler and I was a good boy. This seems better than the alternative but less plausible.

And quickly back to tomorrow and the thing I'm most excited about and I thought you should know about is the prospect of our Premier Inn family room which is just a big room with a cot. The wee man goes to bed at seven so this will mean we have to go to bed at seven, or we can just lie on the bed with our eyes open perfectly still for a couple of hours then go to sleep. I will let you know, fair readers, of our success or probably failure.



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