Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Half Eaten Sausage Roll Incident

Blugh. There you go, an apt word or sound for today. Well not all the day mainly just the afternoon.

The wee man can be like a dog with a bone. Sometimes he gets obsessed with something and when he doesn't get his own way he will have one of his famous meltdowns. Recently he's been saving these meltdowns for when we're around friends making it even more uncomfortable and embarrassing for me.

Today the meltdown was about something as absurd as a half eaten sausage roll that someone had left on a park bench. I pulled him away once telling him that civilised people don't eat food left in the park. But back he went on multiple occasions and back I went to pull him away. Cue meltdown which included the classic lying on the floor and banging your hands and feet on the ground. He decided that crying about everything in life was a reasonable thing to do and continued for a good ten minutes. When I didn't give him enough attention he ran off and wouldn't stop when I asked him to. If swearing didn't put readers off, this blog may include numerous expletives. Again, blugh.

When one of the toddlers in our group has a wee man-esque meltdown the other children just look at the child in question with a face that say "What the hell are you doing?"  It's not just the wee man in our group who likes a whinge but it seems that you will get at least one from him per meet up. We will definitely be excommunicated soon and I plead with the other children to take up the mantle for the next meet up.


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