Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Day For A Father

Father's day has come and almost gone. It might be a cynical ploy by card companies to generate more revenue but while my son is young I want to enjoy said day while he still cares about me. When he hits the teenage years I suspect I will barely get a conversation out of him let alone a card telling me how much he loves me. Today though he gave me something much greater than a card and bottle of booze, today he gave me the gift of sleep.

It wasn't just me he let sleep but The Chancellor benefited from his generosity too. After an evening yesterday of pretty rubbish constipation he collapsed, worn out, and slept from seven in the evening all the way through until half past nine this morning. I really do love my son very much you know... I stirred and glanced across to my phone and was pleasantly surprised that the wee man had been so kind. He even needed poking in the head to be woken up, why he doesn't do this more often is anyone's guess.

I managed to speak to my own father this morning and apologise for being an awful son, he though is much more cynical about the whole thing than I am but that won't stop me passing on a bottle of something down when we are there next. I dare say in the future I will be receiving a call similar to the one I made this morning, hopefully by the time this comes around I will be bored of the whole thing and not care.

So happy Father's Day to all fathers out there and while I'm being all sentimental I can say there is nothing better than being a dad...but sleeping for ten hours comes close.


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