Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wolfgang Amadeus Wee Man

First off today a baby Centre blog for you to read. It's quite apt for what happened today as leg one of our mammoth journey is done. Though it wasn't as nice as I had hoped, after some winging the wee man slept for less than hour then woke up and cried for the rest of the way. This bodes not so well for the rest of the trip. It doesn't help that the temperature is horrendously high in a black car. Not to worry, I'll just buy lots of booze for the evenings.

So we have made it to stop one (my parents' place) and the only thing the wee man has wanted to do is play the piano they have here. So we lifted the lid for him and he periodically hit some keys and walked off. However as we sat in the lounge he went all quiet, which is never a good sign, and then this was followed by the sound of him moving things then the piano again.I slipped my head around the door to find that he had pulled out the piano stool and was sitting happily hitting the keys.

His climbing has reached new levels recently with dining room chairs being no obstacle for him, though I was impressed he had the forethought to pull out the stool before clambering up and playing. This shows remarkable genius I think, however I am heavily biased and if he shows a real aptitude for this I will tour his talents around Europe where I hope I can make loads of money out of him. Who needs a job when you have a child prodigy.


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