Friday, 21 June 2013

Everything's Premier...

Welcome to Bristol. Or the outskirts of Bristol. If you read yesterday you'll be pleased to know we have made it to our Premier Inn, where 'Everything's premier but the price'. And I've got to say it really is including the blond employee who just knocked on the door leading The Chancellor to comment that she was attractive. Oh aye. I'm not saying anything however but we may have to go and find said employee and ask important questions about Premier Inn terms and conditions...In fact we almost didn't make it here as I put the wrong postcode in for the print out we have brought with us. It was taking us the wrong side of Bristol until we saw the hotel in the distance and had to a massive u-turn a few miles away. Well done Jamie.

Anyway so we have made it 200+ miles and I have to say the wee man was really quite excellent. He slept for the first 100 miles then got a bit hot and bothered for the second 100 miles only to be placated by Thomas The Tank Engine and bad food and dummies and juice. Some cracking parenting going on here. Though I must say it doesn't matter how you shut them up if you're driving on a four lane motorway with heavy traffic you need to shut them up.

How he'll sleep with us all in the same room is anyone's guess but I hope to God with another 150 miles to go tomorrow we will all get at least a few hours. By the time I blog tomorrow we will be in the badlands/deep south of England where I'm imagining a slower pace of life than that of the outskirts of Birmingham which we had to traverse today.

Right off to find that employee...


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