Saturday, 2 February 2013


I endured yesterday one of those parenting moments that puts a strain of your heart and sends an almighty shock through your body. The drive home from our swimming class doesn't take too long 15 minutes or so but it does require driving on some very fast and very dangerous roads. The central motor runs through the heart Newcastle and is a useful thoroughfare but it was also designed by a complete idiot. Lanes appear out of nowhere and cross one another and most drivers have no idea where they're going leading to mass confusion and annoyance. 

All was going well on our drive home until we hit the Tyne Bridge which is the start of the motorway. The wee man decided that he was bored of sitting in his car seat and one minute he was fussing in his seat and the next minute he was crawling around the back seat of the car, free of restraints, having a great time. Panic took over as we hit 60mph and with nowhere to pull over we had to drive on Newcastle's worst road system with me keeping the wee man back with one arm. As you would imagine he was a bit annoyed about not being allowed to climb through to the front seat. 

Not only is it a stress to have a child so unsafely positioned in a moving car but if the police had seen me trying to keep back a child with one arm while driving then I could have been in some trouble. Eventually we found a place to stop and as I melted in my seat the wee man sat up on the back seat and preceded to giggle at me. I told him in no uncertain terms that he can never do that to me ever again, unless he want s to visit me in hospital after I've had a heart attack.

The inquisition quickly turned to how he got out and the eyes of the chorus quickly turned to me. I'm trying to claim he is the reincarnation of Harry Houdini rather than admit I didn't quite strap him in properly. Though the latter is the most probable. I suppose you learn from your mistakes, next time we go out I will be using duct tape to keep him in his seat.    


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