Sunday, 3 February 2013

The 150th Post

Yes indeedy One Man and a Wee Bairn has reached the celebrated 150th post. This means, obviously, that I've written a post everyday for 150 days. I wasn't entirely sure, when I started, how long it would take for me to give up. Luckily the wee man and the things we do give me plenty of ammunition to write with otherwise I would be banging my head off the keyboard and wishing I hadn't started this. To say writing this blog has been cathartic is an understatement and I have really enjoy chronicling the time the two of us have spent together. I hope in years to come the wee man, who will be a young man and then an old grumpy sod, will enjoy reading about our adventures together. Anyway enough blubbing.

There has been a case, in the last few days, of mistaken identity for the wee man. He has been following me around saying 'mum mum mum mum'. On the one hand it's great that he's expanding his repertoire of language but on the other have I lost that must of my masculine side that I can now be considered a mother?

I have had conversations with him that go something like 'I'M YOUR FATHER! I'M NOT A WOMAN! I HAVE A PENIS'. Then I say 'dad' to him over and over and over and over again. He looks at me like he knows what I'm saying but ten minutes later we're back to mum mum mum mum.

If you follow socio-stereotypical roles he is right I suppose. All his other friends have their mum's with them so it would make sense for me to therefore be his mum. But I will continue my campaign of brain washing and by the end of the month I will having him saying 'daddy is the best'. Which of course is the truth. I of course will keep you informed on which form of brain washing works the best.

Until then, thank you for reading for 150 days and I hope you continue reading for another 215 days, unless I have died because of blood loss from tapping away at a keyboard for too long.



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