Saturday, 23 February 2013

Party Animals Part 2

Today has been a slightly different day. We celebrated my mum's 60th birthday with a surprise party at a stately house out in the country. My sister wonderfully organised the whole thing and I can't  pretend that I had a hand in any of the organisation. I did make a speech though which as you can imagine was awful and full of rude jokes. It was a very enjoyable day with excellent catch ups with family and friends.

The wee man somehow managed to get through the day having had only five minutes sleep and is now riding high on his fifth or twenty fifth wind. When he'll crash is anyone's guess but I'm sure he'll tell us about it. His ability to deal comfortably with a loud room full of people is quite extraordinary, he can handle it better than I can. When he discovers cynicism he may change but until then I will let him interact happily and explore all he wants. It's rather endearing.

In an act of elderly rebellion my father has been trying all afternoon to feed the wee man chocolate and sees it dreadful thing that the wee man hasn't experienced the delights of chocolate. Maybe I am denying him but the longer without the better. And whoever feeds him sugar has to catch him when he runs off and does laps of the streets. My father would probably fill him up with chocolate and pass him back to me and let me deal with the consequences.

For now though it's time for more cake and wine and we'll have a stab at putting the wee man to bed.


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