Friday, 1 February 2013

TFI Friday

As we plod steadily with heavy legs towards the end of the week, it is no understatement when I say that I'm done, finished and monumentally broken. The wee man and I have only been out  a couple of time due to builders and the arrival of new furniture. This has meant very long days and I ran out of new super fun things to do with a toddler by Tuesday morning. The result of my uselessness at amusing a child was boredom for both of us followed by clinginess and tantrums, again by both of us. As soon as the Chancellor is home tonight I am going to go and hide myself in the bottom of my wardrobe as far from children as possible and revel in the darkness and silence.

Next week though there are no builders here nor are any pieces of furniture being delivered. Yesterday I had been given one of those really useful time slots by the delivery company. "We'll be there sometime between eleven and four". I realise that it could have been worse, they could have said between nine and six. If they had said this then I would have cried. So I suppose I should be thankful. But finally they delivered the wee man's new wardrobe which had been ordered sometime last century but due to inept companies has only just arrived.

After coercing the delivery man to help me unpack it despite his insistence that he wasn't allowed to be helpful in any way, I introduced the wee man to the latest addition to his bedroom. He stood for a moment or two, unsure, trying to work out what was new in his room. You could hear the cogs turning in his head. Eventually curiosity was too much for him and he started opening and closing the draws trapping his hand every time he did this. I have mentioned he's a smart boy haven't I? I'm sure he'll get the hang of these things one day. He has all weekend to practice with his mum.

And on that note I have only four hours to go then I'm saved.



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