Tuesday, 12 February 2013

That Way Madness Lies (Half Term)

It's not often I get to write this so early in morning but the wee man has collapsed already after a morning of stories and songs at the local library. The class is generally designed for older children but the wee man has a great love for books and thoroughly enjoyed the group, as did I. So here I am sitting in the gloom of another grey day in the North East of England. I can't even remember the last time I saw the sun but it was probably in my former life.

Already I'm thinking about next week. This is because next week is half term. The dreaded half term. For parents who have children of a certain age these breaks in school, along with summer holidays, are the worst weeks there are in the year. During this time no groups run and you are forced to go places you would not normally go. You even start to find the education value in places where there probably is none. Surely I could teach the wee man maths and probability skills at the casino? Or teach him social policy and equality at strip bars? Or the science of fermenting hops at the pub? Though I could just imagine how much fun the wee man would have at the casino with all the lights, noises and people to talk to. They should run family days.

In the past there have been meet ups with other parents but with returns to work and other reasons these meet ups have become rarer and rarer. So the wee man and I, like The Lone Ranger and Tonto, embark on our solo adventures looking for friends or at the very least people to talk at.

I have started looking at my week in the form of a timetable, breaking each day down into the two part blocks. So I have ten blocks to fill and already in my mind I have filled one and half for next week but I need to fill at least half of them to stave off foot rot and cabin fever. Any suggestions can be put on the back of a postcard and sent to us. Though if you do send a postcard can you make the picture something interesting and fun. A whimsical card perhaps with a funny pun or boobies, though then the wee man won't be able to enjoy eating that as it will have to hidden from sight. The reading of a postcard could fill at least a tenth of one block. Thank you.



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