Tuesday, 5 February 2013

You Can Drive My Car

First off today one extra bit of campaigning. I mentioned last week that I wanted One Man to be a powerhouse of blogging activity. We have here at HQ a chance to play in the big leagues with the MAD blogging awards. I want to win. Not only to get recognition for the blog but the finalists get to go to a swanky  ceremony where they have promised booze, dancing and singing. They have sold it to me very well.

Now you will be pleased to find out out that One Man got onto the initial list of nominations for a number of awards. But so did lots of other blogs. So if you really really really like One Man and a Wee Bairn I am asking for your nomination. I know this is shameful of me but it will take thirty seconds out of your day. http://www.the-mads.com/vote/. This is where you can nominate me. You'll also be pleased to know that after much poking and prodding The Chancellor finally nominated me. If you vote for me you will be saving the soul of one very tired stay-at-home dad. Thank you.

So with that bit of cold calling over with we move with a hop, skip and jump onto today. The wee man never fails to amaze me sometimes. Every now and again he will do something that looks so instinctive you wonder where he learnt it. Last week the wee man was sitting flicking through a book and listening to some nursery rhymes. While Old McDonald was on he said at the correct time "ee i ee i" but failed with the "o". I have tried to get him to do this again but it just seemed to be a one off.

Today while we waited in the car for a group to start, I brought him into the front seat with me. He grabbed the wheel with both hands and started making a "brrrrrrrrr" sound. Nearly fifteen months old and he wants to drive a car. It does amaze me how he must be picking up by just watching and listening to me. Therefore the one thing I have to get a grip on is my language as I often forget he is around and I let off a tirade at the television.The dictum of 'Do as I say, not as I do.' won't wash with him. And he'll repeat whatever I say how ever much he wants getting me into trouble. Now none of us want that, do we?


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