Saturday, 16 February 2013

Gastric Jamie

Things here at HQ have taken a turn for the worse. The man flu I was moaning about the other day has turned into full blown gastric flu. The wee man hadn't been so well the past few days having some appallingly offensive nappies and being generally miserable. It appears that his gastric bug has now found a better place to call home in the form of me. Aren't I the lucky one?! It has not been a nice morning for me and I don't intend to remove myself from under my blanket until at least mid-afternoon. Luckily The Chancellor is here to keep the wee man from shouting in my face and she can be the custodian of his dreadful nappies today.

We did have plans for doing lots of things this weekend including seeing friends buts that's looking more and more unlikely as the minutes and the trips back to the toilet pass by. Nice. So I think I have spoken too much about this illness and feel I may be loosing you my dear reader. I mean who wants to hear about gastric flu, especially on a Saturday morning?

The Chancellor having taken the wee man out to run his batteries down has returned home with some lovely things to make me feel better. The wee man on the other hand came home with destruction on his mind and promptly bashed at the laptop and broke it to the point where every time I press a number key a load of different programmes start up. He did this while I was buying train tickets, so you can imagine my annoyance but he just walks off unaware of the trail of destruction he's leaving in his wake.

And as I write he's running around carrying with him a couple of baking trays and bashing them together creating a really really ungodly sound. The sad thing is I can't move so I have to put up with the bangs and crashes. I'm not sure which is worse being stuck with a loud toddler unable to move or spending a fair amount of your morning in the toilet. I'll give you the answer tomorrow.


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