Wednesday, 13 February 2013

It Really Is A Magical Place

Good afternoon one and all. First of all a shout for you to go over to another website where i'm allowed to voice my various opinions unedited (sometimes I get edited but still). This week's post is a little dark but the subject is one that i'm very interested in exploring. So whatever you do don't believe what's on the internet, you never know who's writing and that's including me. I could be some deranged, maniacal, power hungry super villain who writes this in a darkened room while eating Morrison's saver cookies and drinking cup after cup of coffee. Wait...

Tossing this rose tinted view of myself out of the way I can tell you what things I have been doing today. Many many years ago there was an advert I saw which came on at Christmas time. The lyrics went thus; "There's a magical place, we're on our way there, with toys in their million, all under one roof, it's called Toys R Us". I loved this advert but for some reason I was never taken which made me sad. So to rectify a tattered childhood I took the wee man this morning. And let me tell you dear reader it is indeed a magical place. While I ran around leaving the wee man in my wake I tried to think if I had EVER been in my life and I couldn't remember. So i'm guessing I never had, which must be some sort of crime against being a child.

The wee man was belatedly spending a voucher his Auntie S. and Uncle P. had given him at Christmas, so I felt it important to spend the voucher for him. So much choice, I spent a good twenty minutes carrying a Buzz Lightyear with me, just because I like Buzz Lightyear. But this space ranger wasn't filling the wee man with much interest. It wasn't until we reached the In the Night Garden aisle that he really showed some interest. Now this is the wee man's favorite show and it's completely nuts but I can write a few blogs on that the craziness of that show.

Anyway we now own Iggle Piggle (see above) and he is quite sweet if a little trippy. If anyone watches this programme and knows what the hell is going on please contact me. The wee man is now napping with Iggle Piggle in his arms, I claim therefore that I've made an excellent parenting decision.


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