Monday, 25 February 2013

TV Addicts

So day one of The Chancellor's holiday begins and job number one begins for me. The last time I defrosted the fridge was probably a good five years ago so it wasn't a surprise to me that pack ice that the Arctic could use had formed around an unhealthy amount of the fridge. I had left it last night to begin the thawing process but this morning I was downhearted by how little ice had melted so today I've taken a hammer and a hairdryer to it. Despite my best efforts of catching the melting ice the kitchen still looks like a pipe has burst. But it makes The Chancellor happy so the job will get done.

To appease my moaning about doing boring jobs we went to look at new TVs this morning. Something has happened to the colour on ours and the picture now resembles something I saw during a night of listening to Pink Floyd (if you catch my drift) as a student. Both the wee man and I were infatuated by the TV department we visited today. We both stood goggle eyed at the giant screens hanging on the walls hoping we could leave with something new and exciting. Alas common sense did prevail as we need a new tumble dryer. If we had two income I would have insisted on getting something the size of a wall for our living room. Instead we must put up with trippy rainbow colours for a while. It takes me back.

The wee man is currently partaking in a messy play event designed by his mum. Naturally there is now flour everywhere in the living and the wee man insists on crawling back through the flour spreading it around more and more. These things never happen when I'm in charge.

The company is already very nice though even if it comes with a jobs list the size of my arm and beyond. We already have every available slot booked up for this week including a morning tomorrow dedicated to me. I'm taking myself off for a morning of hand bag shopping and spa treatments. I may even read a glossy magazine while getting my nails done. Oooh doesn't that sound nice?


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