Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Independent Feeding

It seems that the wee man is learning something new everyday. This isn't a surprise as he is at that age when he should be learning new things everyday. However give it a week and he will reciting sections of Hamlet or reeling off prime numbers up to 7879. The latest in a long list of things discovered and mastered is eating independently off his own spoon.

For a while his co-ordination was akin to a drunk man trying to eat curried chips at the end of a night out. This was usually quite funny to watch but often caused a mess on our cream carpet. The carpet in question is in a few places various different shades of baby food, requiring us to tactically re-position rugs or pieces of furniture so visitors would think we were filthy bums. After a meal I would often curse not putting down plastic and vow to do it next time. However next time would come around and again I would forget, leaving me to get the Vanish out once more or move a table a few inches to the right to cover the stain. The carpet will have to be replaced before we try and sell the play or we'll be appearing on some crap Channel 4 documentary about messy people.

But back to the wee man. He now seems to have sobered up a bit and his co-ordination is akin now to some one who has woken up after a night out and has realised he ate curried chips last night. The spoon with food on it now reaches the mouth and is devoured. This development is also another step forward for me as, I hope, he will require less spooning feeding and I can maybe read the paper as he eats by himself. I'm not sure if this will lead to us having an independent but slightly neglected child. Can you call him neglected if he is eating spinach and ricotta tortellinis? I didn't think so.

On a side note The Chancellor and I are going out sans child tonight to celebrate our four year wedding anniversary. The babysitter is booked and we will take our passports just in case the mood takes us and we decide to flee the country. Though then our babysitter might be asking us for a substantial monitory compensation package which will not inspire us to come home.


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