Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Spring Rolls Were My Downfall

There is some wonderful quiet at HQ at the moment. The wee man is napping and The Chancellor is out getting her hair cut, leaving me to doss about and recover for a heavy anniversary meal we had last night. It was expensive affair both on our wallets and the my stomach but in both cases it doesn't help when you order multiple starters because you are too greedy and incapable to choose one over the other. Seeing though as we only really go out once a year now, why not make it a big one.

In other news below the fold today, my Baby Centre Blog for the week is out and ready for reading. Last week I wrote three and it nearly killed me, so only one will be submitted this week in an attempt to keep me from having a blogging meltdown. I'm intrigued to know, if you are a parent, if you feel the same way towards chocolate as I do. So if you feel the need please comment and let me know. I do feel slightly hypocritical in the subject matter as I  unashamedly eat quite a lot of chocolate, especially Yorkies. Never-the-less this isn't about me and my gluttony, it's about saving our children from global warming or something.

Also with today apparently being Wednesday this means we are on to page three of The Chancellor's long long job list. Yesterday was spent cleaning up things and sorting through boxes including the wee man's toys. As you can see he has a lot of toys. 

Treats that are included for today are eye tests and various administrative duties that need to be taken care of, all of which includes me. There isn't a Yorkie in sight. Tomorrow however is where things really start to liven up as the bathroom grouting needs to be cleaned. I'm tingling all over with the thought of that one.


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