Thursday, 7 February 2013

You're Grounded

When you spend all your time with someone things can get a wee bit strained at times with your relationship. I spend nearly all my time with the wee man even weekends when the Chancellor wants to have family fun time. By Friday all the fun and joy that I started the week with have been whittled away and I am in no mood to have family fun time at the weekend.

This week has seen the wee man and I having a number of domestics even some in public, which is rare, and I can't tell you how many time I've grounded him. My frustration with him has hit new levels especially when stuck in doors.

The boredom sets in for him when he is stuck at home for prolonged periods of time and this leads to naughtiness and tantrums (from both him and me which doesn't help). And this therefore leads to me thrusting the child in his mum's arms when she returns home from work and me locking myself away in the bedroom. She claims I am grumpy with her as well but I am grumpy in general as she hasn't seen the kind of day we have had and what he can now get up to. The mum's I know, who do varied levels of childcare, all have each other to talk to and go to in times of need but as a dad it would be weird if I went off on a long tirade and for all I try I'm not a mum. So The Chancellor has all the pent up craziness to deal with. Poor woman.

I have attempted to fill all the spare days but they all now require running the wee man's batteries down. And this is either an expensive task or one that requires spending most of our time outdoors and at the mercy of the winter weather. Plus there is only so much you can do in a week. Some funny people have suggested I invest in a giant hamster wheel but I don't think think this is such a bad idea. If anyone out there is an engineer then please I will commission you for the wheel to be built and attached to my wall. I'm sure someone must have done it before.


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