Friday, 22 February 2013

Party Animals

One man plus family have flown south for the remainder of the winter. Maybe not for winter, for three days to be exact and I think it would be wishful thinking to think it would be any warmer only 100 miles away. Migration to warmer parts of the world, I dream, would sort all my problems out, The Chancellor would have to be informed however and that's where my plan would get shot down. She would stipulate that she and the wee man would have to come too and that would end my dreams there and then.

I digress though and back to today and for the wee man Gran and Grandpa's house is full of wonderfully exciting things including a piano and a flight of stairs. It is like a whole new universe for him. He has wasted no time in exploring and making his presence felt. The novelty I'm sure will ware off but for now the taste of exploration is keeping him entertained and it's letting me eat cakes.

We are all feeling a little tired today and it's not just from the longish drive. Last night the lads who live above us (who I've written about before) decided to have another loud and late party last night. Usually if the wee man is already asleep he isn't disturbed by the heavy footed oafs, we just are. But last night it sounded like a stampede above us with the epicenter of the party happening right above us. The wee man awoke a few times between eleven and half one in the morning and we were awake all those times plus a few more due to loud people. The last time I looked at the clock it was somewhere near half five. I was even more annoyed because it sounded like they were having such a good time and we weren't. They could have at least invited us but I get the feeling that whenever I meet them they think I'm some boring old sod not worthy of their parties. They could be right. I used to be cool.

In a side note, I have now become a battery reared blogger for Baby Centre. Blog number three has been written, published and is now ready to be scrutinised. So pop along to and feed your desire to read more things I've written. Or you can find yourself a free range blogger who is nicer and won't curse.



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