Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ramblings Of A Phiosopher

First off today baby Centre seem to want to mess with my inbuilt time clock and try to convince me that it's Wednesday today. Is it? This is because they published my next blog today instead of what I think is tomorrow. http://www.baby.co.uk/mum_stories/can-you-have-a-naughty-child/. I had to actually open up the calender on my laptop to make sure what day it was.

But can I be sure it's Tuesday? Can I be sure of anything anymore? Am I sitting here writing this or am I some dreamed up imagination of someone else? Is this bacon sandwich in front of me really bacon or is it horse or human? I could go on all day, as I did a philosophy degree and my head is filled with so many pointless and abstract ideas that at times it has almost exploded, but I won't. As you can probably tell blogging has now become such a staple in my daily diet that I'm thinking of hooking myself up permanently to the laptop so I can stream my thoughts out through the ether of the internet. I believe Power Lifter Daddy can aid me there were with surgically implanting a USB port into my head and fitting me with a longer life battery.

On a note away from scary dystopian worlds, some time ago I asked you the readers to send in postcards with ideas of things I could do this week for half term. I asked this as a bit of joke and I never expected anyone to take the time to send one. But you what I got one. A family member I will call Artistic Cousin sent a wonderful postcard which cheered the wee man I right up. So thank you very much. The wee man has picked one with naked women on to send back. Everyone else who hasn't one has now got something to try and better. I'll be waiting.


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  1. Sorry for the confusion Jamie. It was my inbuilt time clock that was off kilter. Your post was so good we couldn't wait to publish it. BabyCentre ;)