Saturday, 9 February 2013

My Moral Obligation

I try on my weekends to limit my interaction with children. I will allow the wee man some time because, well he is my son and I have a moral obligation to spend time with him on weekends. Plus The Chancellor makes me. But beyond the wee man my tolerance levels for small and loud creatures are minimal. We were invited today to a children's play area for the birthday party of the wee man's godparent's daughter. This is something we would not miss even if it was held in a children's play area.

Now if you happen to spend a great deal of time at these kids of places, like I do, you will know they are busy, loud and by the end of your time you're more in need of a nap than your child is. So weekends at theses places are even worse. 'Bursting at the seams' seems like the appropriate phrase to use and it was bursting at the seams with children. After a false start with the wee man needing to be escorted from the premises because of ill behavior, I returned and finally found a quiet corner to sit with men and let The Chancellor chase the wee man around until she collapsed on the floor in exhaustion. An hour later she was close to just falling asleep in the middle of everything. After I finish writing this I am away for a snooze, I've had far too much stimulation for one day.

Tomorrow we are doing it all over again with a trip to another children's play area with Spreadsheet Mummy and family. Not only will it be very nice to see them as they are good friends but The Chancellor informed me that they sell AMAZING scones at the place we are going and she has promised to buy me one. She can once again do all the running about again and I will just sit there and chat with a coffee and a cream scone, that seems very fair.

So happy birthday to E.M.W. your party has made me more tired than the ones I used to go to as a student. Only trouble now is at my age it takes twice as long to recover. Cheers.



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