Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Crying Months

Just to start off today, as I write this one of my neighbours is hammering and drilling into the wall that adjoins our properties. The wee man doesn't seem bothered, he's having a nap in the next room but it is driving to new levels derangement. So whatever I write today might be filled with more errors than usual just because I can barely hear myself think. Sorry.

First point of order as usual on a Wednesday is the Baby Centre blog.

The picture used is of the wee man some time ago during the crying months. He was not a happy chap when he was a newborn and spent most of his time crying when all the other babies sat happily just staring out into space. I never liked these babies. Even at such a young age they seemed smug about their existence, they had already found their existential being so to speak. I hated them and resented the parents even more for getting sleep and having a nice child. One of my friends Funny Mummy had the same thing with her son and he used to cry nearly as much as the wee man. But luckily for all of us they both chilled out, accepted who their parents are and are now best mates and don't cry that much anymore. They just fight for toys instead. It only took 15 months or so.
Back to the picture and because the wee man found life so hard in those early days I have a lot of pictures of him like this. Cannon fodder for the teenage years when I can guilt trip him into doing things for me. I will say "Look at this picture, you were a right shit back then and I just had to put up with it". Revenge. I wonder how many parents would claim to have a Machiavellian streak running through them in order to get their children to do what they want them to. I have fairly flexible morals so I have the guilt trips lined up already. I also plan to run into his room at half four in the morning, wake him up and cry in his face for an hour or two. Revenge.



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