Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Day That Just Keeps On Giving

Survival was the key word today. Sunday's are The Chancellor's lie in day and I woke to the wee man shouting away alerting me he was ready to start his day. Lucky me. As soon as he is released from his cell he is away, it's like he has been injected with adrenaline. It doesn't take long for him to warm up. This is usually far too much for me to handle especially on a Sunday morning. But this morning I woke with that dreaded feeling of man flu. My throat had pretty much closed up and I had that achiness in my limbs that makes standing up difficult.

But get up I did and I left, cursing, the Chancellor to a nice warm cosey bed. I only managed an hour up before I unleashed the wee man on a still sleeping Chancellor and begged her to let me go back to sleep again. She duly obliged as she can never turn away the wee man's smiling face. She is a quite wonderful wife. I returned to my cocoon, feeling very sorry for myself, for another couple of hours.

On my awakening I was told it was time to shower as we were leaving for a children's play area within the half hour. Doesn't this day just keep on giving. In the end though a very nice time was had with friends despite me feeling like I had been beaten across the face with a frying pan. The loud older children however were not so nice and some just stand there looking at me like I'm some kind of ogre.

I have managed to come up with ingenious techniques of getting them to leave me alone, they generally involve easing them out of the way with my leg or telling them to shoo. I'm not being responsible for other people's children and I get creeped out by them staring. I'm always reminded of those girls in The Shining or Children of The Damned.

In the end I survived and am now back at home hunched over my laptop trying to warm myself with a hot drink. I am a true trooper and surely I must deserve a medal. Yes?


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