Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Chancellor's Manifesto

So after not being for 13-15 years it was a safe bet that when I visited the opticians they would tell me that I needed glasses. As part of The Chancellor's manifesto of holiday promises we had to sit in a giant supermarket getting our eyes prodded. This may sound like something you wish to do when you're on holiday but where they really get you is when you have to spend a good chunk of a mortgage payment on the glasses themselves. I will own, when they're ready, a rather saucy pair of black rimmed glasses that I must use when doing anything like writing this blog or driving or watching TV or reading a book. Basically everything worth doing.

Today thankful we have taken a break from the manifesto and have done things that have actually been fun. Most notably walking around a park until the wee man was so tired that he collapsed with exhaustion and had to be carried back to the car where he instantly fell asleep in his car seat.

 As we were out and about the wee man sported his new first ever hair cut. We took him to a proper salon yesterday afternoon and I was amazed by how he actually sat still and let the woman cut his mullet off. He now looks less like a little girl and more like a big boy. Finally. But his love for hairdressing equipment, that we needed to use for distraction techniques, has made me slightly worried. At least it will be some time until he needs to go back and as a bonus she did for free for us. So there isn't much I can moan about, which makes a change.


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