Friday, 1 March 2013

An Ode To Children's Books

I like to read my son his books,
I can tell he’s excited by the way he looks,
He sits and he listens as I drone,
Intently, intently without a groan.

He loves to hear Green Eggs and Ham,
He loves to point to Sam-I-Am.

Books in the lounge
Books with his lunch
Books one at a time
Or books in a bunch
He likes to read them here and there,
He likes to read them everywhere.

Subjects aplenty subjects diverse,
I keep mine in my pocket, his mum in her purse.

The Cat In The Hat is a favourite of his,
My renditions tend to send him into a tiz.
I leap up on high
I crouch down low
I hope my silliness will make him grow.
He probably thinks I’m a bit of a fool, a fool, a fool,
But I think I’m cool.

Books in the hall,
Books on the wall,
Books in the bin,
These come with a grin.

Apart from his bunny his books he likes best,
Cuddled up tight in pyjamas and vest,
He falls asleep with our words in his ears,
Dreaming of knights on horseback with spears.

So goodnight my young son I’m going to go
To tidy your books that you’ve thrown to and fro
I might even read Green Eggs and Ham
I do like that one Sam-I-Am.

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