Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Nothing Important Happened Today

It would be honest to say after writing nearly 200 blog posts I can't quite remember what's in most of the posts I've written. If you are a regular reader I apologise if you've seen the same thing written again and again. It's not my fault per se, it's just what happens when you decide to write a daily blog for a whole year. So if you've seen the following story before then I'm sorry.

King George III was famous for a few reasons, he had various conflicts with various countries, went a bit mad later in life and he was also the King of England at the time of the American Independence. There is a story of his only diary entry on July 4 1776 being simply 'Nothing Important Happened Today'. This is a phrase that has stuck with me during my time writing One Man as there are a great many days when I could have written this and nothing else. 

As I limbo my way to the giant 200 mark (less than a week's time) I've been amazed how I've managed to write something different everyday for this time and not given up and just said 'nothing important happened today'. My greatest muse though is the wee man and for him something important does happen everyday whether it be going to the park or going swimming or taking a trip somewhere new and exciting. The more I explore with him the more I'll have to write and the less times I'll have to say 'nothing important happened today'.

In news away from crazy kings and even more insane writers two, yes two, Baby Centre blogs have been published today. The first is a slideshow about children's books If you've read my blogs about children's books you will know that I love them and I'm quite passionate about children reading. The second blog is less of a serious look at why I really really hate children's soft play areas but why I have to go to them. If you are a parent who has to go to them then you'll know what I'm talking about. Hopefully these tasty morsels will keep you happy.



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