Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Wee Man The Heartbreaker

I'm high right now and not the good kind of high. This morning I have been cleaning with thick bleach and I don't think I sufficiently ventilated the area leading to me feeling sick and having a hearty headache. To temper this I am eating Hobnobs, as you do. So bearing in mind that even with my glasses on the world is still blurry, whatever I write can't be taken as the truth.

After a slightly melancholy post yesterday it would only be fair to talk today of cheer, candy mountains and all things fluffy. For the past two days the wee man seems to have been taking his happy pills, charming everyone who enters his space and generally been a great child.

Even yesterday, with a visit from two of our close friends from home, he let us sit and eat lunch in a restaurant with minimal fuss and only right at the end did he want to remove himself from the high chair and maraud around the place. This was a far cry from my last trip to a restaurant with him where he just wouldn't sit still, leading to me getting indigestion and both of us getting annoyed.

Our friends though think he's wonderful but the wee man finds it easy to charm pretty women. Even in the streets he gives pretty women smiles and chats to them leading them to say "awwwwwww". While walking to the hospital last Friday we had to go through the university where the wee man was in his element having multiple female student swoon over him. For the record I taught him nothing and I don't spend my days talking to pretty women. Only sometimes.

Yesterday's good mood even spread through to today. Sundays are The Chancellor's day. It's her day in respect that it's her turn for a lie in and I groggily pull myself from bed and release the wee man from his cage. Some good male bonding was had this morning over the football highlights and he has been nothing but cuddles and laughter even when The Chancellor took him to the supermarket.

Let the good time roll.



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