Monday, 4 March 2013

The End Of Holidays

One Man is getting old. This morning the wee man and I went to collect mine and The Chancellor's new glasses. I've never worn any glasses before and as I sit here wearing them for the first time I can tell you that it feels a bit odd. The wee man's reaction to my new accessories was one of humour and happiness as he now has something to rip off my face and chew on. This is a game that probably won't get boring any time soon for him.

This morning saw the return of The Chancellor to work. None of us particularly wanted this to happen but we have to pay the mortgage some way. It has been nice the past week to have her here even if I was forced to do jobs around the house. Now the house seems eerily quiet, that is until the wee man wakes up from his nap and demands his lunch.

To keep myself from descending into madness, plans a plenty have been made for the week. These plans actually involve us leaving the house and going further afield than the local park and supermarket. I think a few day trips should stem the tide of boredom. This week we have also been promised sun and warmish temperatures. Now these two things have been in such short supply since October last year that I've forgotten what it's like to not wear a scarf outdoors. I envisage this being the beginning of the end of winter and sun might bring a smile to my face, it will certainly mean we can do a lot more fun outdoorsy things. Today though is freezing but I only have to endure one more day before I break out my shorts and sun cream. I often wonder why I live so far north.


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