Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Chancellor's Brush With Masculinity

Suddenly and inevitably the spring I was so excited yesterday about has vanished under a blanket of grey clouds. Now I don't often uses daft things like upside down or happy faces but it seems appropriate here, so here goes :( . Seeing as this kind of weather inspires me as much as the we man's nappies when he's ill I thought I would tell you a little story. Are you sitting comfortably?

Some time last year I wrote about a day when I was mistaken for a woman. I didn't see the funny side of this that my friends did and it instantly made me want to cut my hair. Anyway last week while The Chancellor was on holiday the same thing happened to her only this time she was mistaken for a man. Now let me say she looks nothing like a man and could be mistaken for Audrey Hepburn. I would show you a picture but that would blow her cover and I would imagine you would find her too good looking, so much so that it would blind you. It certainly blinds me everyday. Oooh yeah, I'm good.

Anyway the incident in question happened in a park and a nosy little girl thought it would be smart to point out to her gran that the wee man had slipped from his mother's grasp and was making a break from freedom. I had walked a little further on as I hadn't realised the wee man had gotten distracted by a gust of wind. The gran turned to her grand daughter and told her that it's alright his dad is right next to him.

For the next few days all I got from The Chancellor was "Do I look like a man?" I obviously told her no and that the gran was either blind or just not looking. "What kind of man wears an elegant winter coast?" she asked me. Well I do for one but I didn't tell her this.

I understood her pain as I was wracked with annoyance that I could possibly be mistaken for the opposite sex. So we both over compensated and now The Chancellor is going to grow her hair long and I'm not going to shave ever again. The only problem with this is I will look like an idiot while The Chancellor will still look great. Oooh yeah.


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