Friday, 8 March 2013

Jamie's Magical Mystery Tour

I am aware this morning that I forgot to inform you of my latest Baby Centre blogs for this week. I have become something of a melting pot of creativity and ideas, it's amazing what adding an extra cup of coffee into your day will do for you. But two blogs of mine have appeared on Baby Centre this week. First off a tale of a woman who took laziness and shamelessness to a new level, The second is me getting serious and judgmental.

So if you are not completely bored of me and what I have to say I will continue. Hopefully in the next week or so you will have someone else talking to you about children and parenting or about whatever they want to write about. This is because I will be having some guest bloggers writing for me. Also I will be appearing on another blogger's site but more about that later on. So look out on here for someone who can actually write and who has something interesting to say. I'm also trying to get The Chancellor on here but some coercion maybe required for that.

Now if you thought those bits of new were exciting then hold onto your hats because this weekend One Man will be blogging from two different cities. Tomorrow I am going away for two and a half myself. No child, no wife, no change bag, no half eaten pots of food, nothing child related will be going with me. Apart from this blog. This kind of excursion is totally unprecedented and I'm sure it's going to be a little weird but I intend to bask in the quiet of childless surroundings. Though I'm swapping it to go see a band in Manchester who can be described as noise pop or pioneers of shoe-gazing. Don't ask me to explain, safe to say though it will be loud but enjoyable. The Chancellor will experience the full force of long periods alone with the wee man who is turning more and more each day into the Tasmanian Devil.

*I must say as a disclaimer that it's very nice of her to take a day off work and look after him for so long. Thank you.

So the roadshow pit stops in Leeds tomorrow for a night then onto Manchester. Will I miss home life? I'll let you know.


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