Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Life. Bloody hell. And I'm not even talking about life in general, just the science museum in Newcastle. Pre-school events are generally pretty popular especially as they tend to charge a fraction of the price a place usually charges. But seeing as it was snowing this morning the place was even busier than usual.

These events and get togethers used to be about the parents. You would chat, have a coffee and generally be social. Today I barely saw my friends. Our children, now as toddlers, are running at completely different speeds meaning there is no time to stand around and chat especially with the wee man being so active. Coffees are a no go, though as I left I found out I had been sitting alone in a different cafe lunching the wee man as my friends lunched their children in the main cafe. Communication goes out the window.

Today the wee man was sporting a battered nose which he got yesterday trying to fly off a step. It would take a while to describe where we were but hasten to say there was a slope and a step at the end of it. He picked up too much speed and flew off scraping his face on the tarmac. Blood and tears ensued. Surprisingly the war wound look OK yesterday but as the swelling went down today you could see the whole sorry mess. I would put up a picture but that would be mean and the wee man would never forgive me. It didn't seem to do much for him though as there was no stopping him today. The upside of the non-stop action was watching other parents getting as frustrated as me and being served some quite excellent coffee. There may be a next time with this one.


Picture: Jordan Hatch/Flickr

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