Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Chancellor's Encounter With Well Fed Flying Things

Like everything else in life, money, or more accurately the lack of money, is a relative thing. Next to some of our friends who have two incomes we are poverty stricken but luckily and more importantly The Chancellor and I still have our cultural integrity intact. Once that goes though that's when civilisation ends.

A story to make my point about the importance of monetary relativity came today when buying cheese. Our budgets, including the food bill, have taken some big hits. It took me a long time to admit to people that I now shop in some other certain establishments.

However, today we were back in our local (expensive) supermarket where we used to shop at before austerity hit. Some people who shop here are very wealthy and for them spending £50 on a couple of items is nothing. I'm not allowed to go there anymore even though they do some amazing quadruple chocolate cookies which I'm eating right now.

Anyway while The Chancellor was trying to find the best prices for some cheese another woman was doing the same thing. The lady who was perfectly nice turned to The Chancellor and said "I'm just looking for the cheapest cheese to feed the birds", The Chancellor muttered that she was looking for the cheapest cheese to feed her family. Alas The Chancellor and I haven't made room in our budget for the birds or any other form of animal for that matter. Oh how the wealthy live. But those birds are getting nothing out of me even if it's still winter deep into March.  

In our world BC (before child) we would budget to the nearest ten or twenty pounds now though we budget to the nearest ten pence. I even spent time this morning going through our penny jars like some dirty student looking for beer money. I was surprised though that we found close to fifteen pounds. This money was immediately set aside to be spent of quadruple cookies and beer. Nothing really changes.


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