Friday, 22 March 2013

When Dads Go Drinking

Now that the wee man and his little friends are of a certain age, it is now morally and socially acceptable to go out drinking and try to relive the life you used to have. However when you become a dad something strange happens and when you go out you see lots of young people and you become almost thankful you're not them with their trendy life affirming lifestyles. Sure you drink but you take yourself off to a quiet corner where conversation can be had.

Last night Funny Daddy (who is older than me but I won't reveal exactly how much older) and I went to a blues night at a very fashionable bar in a studenty end of town. As you would expect conversation, for the two of us, ranged from politics to children to music via tales of teeth and a lack of sleep. Slipped in there though was a general consensus that the best place to get your clothes in M&S. This is indeed true but something I thought I would never say.

Now to make things worse we were surrounded by a lots of tedious students who had grown designer facial hair (which looked stupid) and dressed far too hard to impress. We didn't exactly feel out of place but we had absolutely nothing in common with these people who seemed to drift effortlessly through the world like a leaf on the wind.

At the end of the night we had to put up with sharing the men's room with people not using the loo for the correct reason. All I'll say is rolled up notes. Is this necessary on a Thursday night at a blues bar? Who knows but this increased our assertion that actually we are probably better off without that hedonistic lifestyle. And as much as our children vex us and cause us all sorts of neuroses they are probably better for us than taking trendy drugs. Though that is something that probably needs to be tested.

As I stumbled walked the three mile home in light snow, stopping every now and again to pee for nature to take its cause, I thought of the annals of time and why I couldn't walk in a straight line. Both of which didn't get solved until I was in a nice warm bed.


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