Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Wee Man's First Cousin Or His First Second Cousin

The wee man on day one

Meeting newborn children is quite nice especially when they're not yours. You can hand them back when they cry and when they have explosive nappies like my new family member had with me today. I finally met my second cousin or my first cousin twice removed which ever one makes more sense for you, I don't know the difference. Seeing a little child only weeks old makes you wonder how the hell you have gotten to the point at which the wee man is now.
The wee man yesterday
If you look at the two pictures I can't remember a good deal of the time that passed between them, which is terrifying. Today gave me a momentary glimpse at what it would be like to have two children. At one point I was carrying the newbie with one hand and with the other I was pulling the wee man away from a bucket of soiled baby clothes. This was only one moment and the thought of the many many many more moments like this makes me want to spike The Chancellor's breakfast with the pill. The problem though wouldn't come from the newborn but from the toddler who eats away continuously at your attention centre. The major problem I have heard from parents who have two or more comes from the toddler. 

We rest easy tonight however with just the one and probably that will be the way it stays for a while.The Chancellor though, as expected, got very excited at the prospect of number two at the sight of my new relation. Logistically though I'm not sure how any of it would work and I'm in no rush to find out. 

Can I crush the pill down enough to make it invisible?


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