Friday, 15 March 2013


First off today a big thank you to Ericka Waller and my Artistic Cousin for being guest bloggers this week. There must be some love for One Man as the latter post came all the way from Italy. Both posts were excellent and it is a sad day when the guest bloggers write better posts than I do. Though they have certainly boosted my page views so maybe I should keep them on retainer.

I now look forward to some more guest blogs from anyone who has something to say about parenting, from any angle. I am trying to organise for the famous Multi Mum to tell us all about what it's like to have four children. But there in lies the rub as having four children, I imagine, would make it difficult for you to sit down and write anything. I have one child and that makes it hard enough. Maybe I could entice her with a biscuit or some such. We will see.

Somehow, despite having a child and almost having various blogging meltdowns, I keep churning out posts like some battery fed blogger and now I'm appearing on other people's blogs too. It's like an addiction and I've turned into Blogzilla. So with the image of me either squatting and popping out blogs from my behind or me tearing down cities, I need to direct you to some places I can be found this week.  

Firstly, as ever Baby Centre duties have been fulfilled for the week and you can find my latest offering here

Also this week I can be found on the very excellent Mama Lewis website  run by Stacie Lewis, I talk about my son's hand condition and the choices The Chancellor and I have had to make. My post is at the top but please look around the website as it's an excellent blog.

Enjoy. Right time for a lie down or my head might just explode.


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