Tuesday, 5 March 2013

With A Knapsack On My Back

Life seems suddenly great today. This may have something to do with the sun being out and it feels dare I say it like spring. There has been a spring in both our steps today and we took the opportunity to get down to the aquarium and the beach. It's amazing what a bit of sun will do for your morale. The local aquarium runs a good offer called Toddler Tuesday, where they charge significantly less than what they normally do. And what they normally charge is insanely expensive. So taking advantage of the the cheap prices seemed like good economics. Included in the price is the most useful thing of all a free cup of coffee.

The wee man was certainly ready for a trip out and scarily can now wear his own backpack. So with a splash we delved into a more fishy world but my timing was a bit off and we had to share the place a large school group. This would have been OK if that hadn't taken over every thing in the place including the men's toilets where I had to wait for all the kids to finish their business before I could even get in. When you have a child who wants to escape and a full bladder this can be pretty tedious and time can suddenly go really slowly. Luckily the teachers saw me crossing my legs and hurried the little kids along.

After we had seen sharks, lobsters and more primary school children than we really wanted to we nipped over the road to the beach and the wee man dashed off to chase any dog he could find. I had intended to have a nice picnic on the beach but forgot useful things like spoons and water. So I had to fashion cutlery out of whatever I could find. The wee man was obviously not impressed by this and took to eating shells and rocks. He obviously had too much fun as he collapsed with exhaustion soon after and had to be brought home. Hooray for the sun.


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