Sunday, 10 March 2013

Grim Up North

The previous two times I've been able to sleep, without the worry of listening out for a child, I wasted them. On both occasions I ate and drank far too much leading to bloatedness and a drunken sleep that in no way made me feel rested. The Chancellor was smarter on the other hand drinking less and enjoying a more rested sleep. So last night I made a point of eating less and saying no to wine with dinner. Naturally I slept like a baby, unless it was the wee man as a baby of course who never slept.

During the day yesterday, as I lay on my parent's sofa feeling like one of those people who bum around their parents house but are in their thirties, I looked around expecting to see a little face by my side or a hand smacking my face. It was almost disconcerting that he wasn't there. I didn't however loose much sleep over this, as you can imagine.

So as I sit on the train crossing the Pennines with only a small bag and this tablet to keep me company I am almost relaxed. Not as relaxed as I would be if I was sitting on a beach in the Maldives with as cocktail. I will have to make do with Lancashire as a poor runner-up.

In a side note away from industrial cities in the north of England, remember that there will be some blog swapping this week. I will be appearing on Ericka Waller's blog on Monday and she will be entertaining you when I get back from my mini holiday.

"We are now approaching Manchester Piccadilly" That's me told.


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