Thursday, 28 March 2013

Fare Thee Well To An A Grade Babysitter

Trusted babysitters are like gold dust. If you don't have immediate family around you then they are even harder to find. One of our trusted babysitters is leaving us here in the North East and The Chancellor and I are very sad about this. We are sad not just because we are loosing a babysitter but because we are loosing a friend and for me an extended family member with whom I am very close. Big Angry Lesbian Footballer Cousin (she is neither big nor angry and she is actually one of happiest people I've met) is moving down south to live a life with her partner which is allowed.

But did she take a moment to think of how it would impact us? Probably not and I don't see why she should. We wish her all the best but we will lament her leaving. If you are reading this and are still around we have theatre tickets in May are you available? There is a box of Maltesers with your name on it...

Not all is lost however luckily there are some very nice mums we know who have offered to watch the wee man for us as we escape for a well earned rest. The Chancellor and I have tried to implement date night once a month and whenever we see a film trailer we get all excited and dream of having an early dinner followed by a movie. In reality though this never happens and we spend most of our time watching old box sets we own. By the time the evenings come around we are so tired that anything further than the lounge door is a bit of an effort. I'm sure this is something most parents can testify to.

Maybe our life would be easier if our parents were closer but we will just have to make do with what we have. I'm just going to have to find a young student to come and babysit. The Chancellor though would probably just call me a dirty old man or some such. You wouldn't believe how easily a reputation gets around. I've heard I'm some sort of celebrity I think Funny Mummy started that one as she loves to tell people she knows a celebrity...


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