Monday, 18 March 2013

What Would Happen If I Had A Six-Pack?

"You've brought a man with you!" It's nice to know I make the day more exciting for people. These were the words of a nice, if overexcited lady, when I arrived with my friend Sensory Mummy to a new playgroup. So starved, I presume, these woman are of manliness that they pounced on me and I don't even exude masculinity. What they would do if a man with a six pack entered the room if anyone's guess. He may well never be seen again.

The playgroup, run in a church hall, was surprisingly fun and it didn't come at all with indoctrination into the faith. This is always a worry when doing things related to churches but no such worry today. And I'm definitely not going to turn down a free group that offers me coffee and biscuits. Also it's always great to catch up with my friend.

Tomorrow though we are doing something on the opposite end of the spectrum. Forget religion let's get our heads around contemporary art. And sometimes folks that's harder that religion. We are going to The Baltic Centre for crazy art and pretentious fine art students who want to look all grown up. Despite having a mum who is rather good at art, he may still be too young for appreciating modern art. Though to be honest most of the stuff in The Baltic is nuts and scares me and I feel that I have an appreciation for art. Give me Botticelli any day. I'm not sure what the wee man will make of the place but the session we are going to is designed for children but will probably turn them in preposterously arty people.

Never-the-less go we shall if only for the truly exquisite chocolate brownies they sell in the cafe down stairs. These brownies are so good that they make you tingle all over and make all the staring at s**t artworks worthwhile. If you live anywhere near Newcastle you have to sample these brownies because they are just that good. I intend to stash a good few with me at the end of the day and not share them at all with The Chancellor. Sorry. Actually no I'm not.




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