Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sun, Sea And Snooping

The sun it did shine today and my did it shine. Such a rarity this has been recently it's important to share this news with you. Today the wee man has been visited by his grandparents (my parents). We took advantage of the sun and The Chancellor and I decided to show them where we have seen nice houses near the beach. It was also an excuse to go for a walk along the beach. My family at times are not subtle so snooping was the high priority of the day. Order of the day was pull up to said house, gaze from the car and occasionally get out and stand in front of the house staring and pointing. Somewhere someone has noted our car registration and as I write are probably passing it on the police.

Apart from obviously seeing my parents, it was great that they came up because they brought with them a treasure trove of new clothes for the wee man. We are in a scheme, so to speak, where we can take advantage of some of our friends (who live in Yorkshire) older children's used clothes. It has saved us hundreds of pounds and all the clothes are in very good quality and really nice. This new supply go up to two years so we won't need to buy anything for a good while. However we have nowhere to store these clothes so for the time being they will stay in the lounge and maybe in a week's time I will move them or maybe a month or maybe they'll never be moved. Probably the last one.

Let's hope the sun shines tomorrow as we are off to an Easter treat of a day at a railway museum where there is an Easter egg hunt and lots of family fun. Just what Jesus had in mind for us when he was nailed to the cross, though I bet he would have liked Mini Eggs not even the son of God could resist Mini Eggs.





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