Sunday, 3 March 2013

In The Night Garden

There is programme the wee man watches just before bed called In the Night Garden. As he loves it so much I thought I would devote a blog to it. Also it is worth talking about because it's so mindbogglingly mental. There are a lot of kid's shows that I get and can see the point of but with this show I've been watching it for a while and I still have no idea what is going on.

There are lots of different characters who all live in this garden that's up in the stars or the imagination but then that would make them abstract and that would cause a whole load of different problems for me. I will try to give you my interpretation of some of the weirdest characters.

Iggle Piggle- He's blue, runs around waving and fancies a lassie called Oopsy Daisy.

Oopsy Daisy- She's really really annoying. She likes to say her own name over and over again sometimes singing it through a megaphone. Iggle Piggle I imagine one day will come up behind her and beat her to death with it. She also likes to show her knickers to anyone who's interested. In short she is like one of those women you see on a night out whose had a few too many drinks and is in the gutter singing by one in the morning.

Macca Pakka- God only knows what this guy is. He again likes his own name and trundles around the garden with a Zimmer Frame cleaning rocks and people's faces. It's hard to know what the point of this guy is.

The Tombliboos- There are three of them and they would be your neighbours from hell. They play loud and horrendous music and fall over a lot. Avoid if possible.

The Pontipines and The Wattingers- Miniature creatures who live side by side in a semi-detached house. They are the show's interpretation of the middle east crisis, which ones are the Muslims and which ones are the Jews is a matter of personal opinion.

There are various other characters included a demented train and a boobie like airship that 'ponks' stuff. Very weird and all very subversive. But for some reason loads of children LOVE it. It's hard to go into complete detail in a short blog but it's safe to say LSD was used in the conception of this show.


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