Thursday, 7 March 2013

Riding On The Metro

There is a song I like by synthpop band Berlin called The Metro. If you don't know it here's a link Even though the song is about the Paris Metro, every time I go on the Tyne and Wear Metro system I sing the song especially the line "riding on the metro". Now I wouldn't be offending anyone if I said the Tyne and Wear Metro isn't quite as glamorous as its Parisian counterpart.

It is though a great mass transit system that runs underground and overground and it might be important at this point to tell you that I LOVE undergrounds and metros. And I mean LOVE Why? I have no idea but I once had an interview to drive metro trains. Unfortunately I knew more about the Tyne and Wear system than the person interviewing me and they obviously thought I was a smart arse because I didn't get the job. I have learnt now to never correct interviewers, no mater how wrong they are.

Anyway yesterday was the first time the wee man had (knowingly) been on a Metro train and I wouldn't be lying if I said it was a great moment for the both of us. We took the escalators deep into the bowls of Newcastle city centre and hopped on a train bound for the Airport. The wee man was already brimming with glee as he has a thing for escalators. In my excitement I even managed to get a seat right at the back window so we could watch each station disappear into the distance. He sat opened mouthed and surprisingly still as we rushed trough tunnels and out into the open air. I'm sure even at his age this will be moment he will never forget. Just wait till I get him to Tokyo to ride their underground.

When we reached our stop I sat with him on the platform as he watched a few trains pass through the station and he waved at nearly all of them. I'm not afraid to say there was some good father son bonding going on. Next stop is the airport and plane watching. Proper man time.


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