Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Baltic Day By The Tyne

Continuing on from yesterday, the wee man and I took a hop, a skip and a jump across the river for a new event based in the Baltic Centre For Contemporary Art. In the picture it is the the building furthest to the left out of the four. Now on a day like today there aren't many colder places in country than being down by the Tyne. It really was Baltic (to steal the name). So much so that the wee man couldn't be bothered looking at the river or the bridges and just wanted to be inside riding on the the very cool glass lifts. And they are very cool.

The event was fun and it will be something I will go back to. Though the organisers made a bit of an error in the respect that to get to the space you had to navigate through an exhibition that consisted of polystyrene boxes which had giant metal poles sticking out of the them. This was all too tempting for the wee man and most of the other children but it also seemed rather dangerous. We were advised to walk round the outside of the room making sure we didn't impale ourselves in the name of modern art. The artist would probably have liked this.

On a sour note, alas no brownies were on sale today so I had to make do with a chocolate bun which wasn't as good as the brownies. This made me very sad and has now put a real dampener on my day. I had been prepared to come home with a box full but now I'll have to make do with substandard chocolate or cheese and crackers.


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