Sunday, 31 March 2013


If you are a man you will like trains. It doesn't matter if you think you are too cool or too grown up or anything like that, if you are a man you will like trains. I like trains, in fact I like trains quite a bit. Yesterday I had been informed that we were going to an Easter Sunday family day at a railway museum. Inevitably when the Chancellor says "Family day out" my Super Cynical Senses go into overdrive. She mentioned that there was a train ride with the Easter Bunny, this sent shivers down my occipital and I had visions of some awful train which you had to straddle and it's only very uncomfortable etc etc. Plus I find people dressed up as things like bunnies very unnerving and I tend to hide. However what we got today was something completely different and very excellent.

 The rain ride was, dare I say it, a great deal of fun. Led by a real steam engine we were sat in old fashion train carriages with separate compartments. I was in all honesty filled with a beautifully romantic feeling and it wasn't just me giddily sitting there watching the world go by from the train window. The wee man enjoyed the ride so much that he wanted to be held up to the window so he could get a better view of what was going on. Excitable screeches and laughter could be heard from him as we trundled along the short track and we both were quite sad when the rain ride came to a stop back at the museum.

The most important thing though was that there wasn't an Easter Bunny in sight. Therefore no hiding needed to take place. There was though a ride on Thomas The Tank Engine which lit up the wee man's face brighter than the sun. It also caused considerable queuing of small children some of whom tried to get on with the wee man but he brushed them away with a face that said "No chance, that's what you've got". How very Easterly on you my son.


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