Monday, 1 April 2013

A First Taste Of Chocolate

During periods of time like Easter reality takes a bit of a break and we exist in a warm bubble where work and all responsibility don't exist anymore. A faux world indeed but a nice one none-the-less  The Chancellor has been off for four days making the days relaxed and I have a partner in crime when eating the various chocolate based products.

The wee man has enjoyed our tag team parenting and has even been given chocolate for the first time. His reaction was one of being...well...under-whelmed. I'm not sure what I was expecting from him, maybe glazed eyes, maybe he would become a monster in an instant, maybe he would run off nude into the street. None of these things happened, he just carried on as normal. We got more of a reaction of delight when we gave him some of our home made risotto for lunch today.

To say we have been lucky with food with the wee man is an understatement. The only thing he hasn't really liked has been pasta carbonara and even then he still ate it. He eats and eats with not a care in the world and he is well and truly his parent's son. I may be speaking too soon and by the time he gets to two or three he will only eat beans on toast and be an absolute monster. I can only hope the range of things he has had to eat will set him up well for later in life.      

Tomorrow our Easter bubble will burst and reality will return back into view. Though we'll be buoyed by a great weekend and the thought that it is only four days until the weekend again.

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