Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Wee Man, The Strong Man

The wee man is a strange one. In a large park with so many things going on all he wants to do is push around one his little friends in their tricycle. Once he realised he could do this there was no pulling him away and if you did then a minor tantrum would occur. His little friend wasn't quite sure what to make of being pushed around, by the wee man, giving a half scared half confused look.

Every now and again his little friend would point to where he wanted to be pushed. The wee man not taking any notice and being his own man pushed him in the opposite direction much to the chagrin of his little friend. The contrasting faces in the picture says it all.

Does all this pushing mean the wee man has a future as a trolley pusher in a supermarket? Let's hope not and maybe he will get bored of pushing people about.

We were all lucky that the sun shone for our day in the park with various things to amuse the children. Though two of them were happy to be pushed around and the others flitted between scaring the birds (the wee man) and toddling. As we left, the park was filling up steadily and it seems we visited just at the right time. If there's one thing I've learnt from my time parenting is get in early and get before the masses descend upon you. This philosophy seemed to work today and with the wee man exhausted from his exertions I am ready now for the bacon sandwich I didn't get this morning.


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