Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Wee Man, The Bully

Ah the community swimming pool. A harbinger of fungal infections and unruly children. Or so I used to think. And who would have thought that when the wee man and I went it would be he who was unruly. Do you remember the signs that said 'No heavy petting', 'No running' and 'No pushing'? Well the wee man decided he was going to break a number of those rules yesterday.

We went along yesterday with Funny Mummy and her son. Things were going swimmingly at first, so to speak. The wee man was enjoying the water as was his little friend. But then the wee man realised he could get out and got very excited at standing by the side of the pool. Funny Mummy had sat her son on the side to have his legs paddling in the pool. With a devilishly grin the wee man went behind his little friend and tried to push him into the pool. And he didn't just try this once he tried this multiple times each time looking like Chucky from Child's Play. His little friend didn't look too pleased with being shoved into the pool as you would imagine if you have hand pushing your head into the pool. Embarrassing moment for me.

So to combat this I moved him back into the pool but we soon gravitated back to the side of the pool. Again out he got but this time he slipped my grasp and ran off down the side of the pool. With me wading quickly through water he was far too quick for me and I had visions of him falling and cracking is head off the side. Then he really did slip and he crashed to the floor causing a nose bleed and lots of crying. Rough housing and running by the pool all in one day, I'm surprised we weren't asked to vacate the premises. Hard work doesn't even begin to express sometimes what it's like with the wee man.

Was yesterday the end of the line for his friendship with Funny Mummy's son? Maybe not seeing as I'm sure he'll get the wee man back in some form or another in the future. Until then I am just going to have to be embarrassed.


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